Meeting “Chris From Art”

20160824_141547[1] I met Chris in Art 110. He is a second-year fashion design major and is passionate about creating street-wear clothing. He is from Oakland, CA, but is now dorming at CSULB. I believe he has some art experience, since he likes to design and generate fashion. As for me, I am also a second-year here at CSULB from Westminster, CA. I commute to Long Beach in my newly-owned 2000 Nissan Maxima and is currently trying to get into the nursing program. Art is something that can become anything. Anything can be art, as long as you put some sort of value in it or take away some sort of emotion from the piece. The topic to discuss in class was where to draw the line between what is art and what is not art. Just like me, Chris stated that art has no limits-that anything can become art; it’s just dependent on who is viewing it and what value they see in it. Another way to say it is, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


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