Plaster Casting at the Beach

For this project, I went to Huntington Beach on Saturday at three o’ clock p.m. I add this little detail because I wanted to share some events with you that happened during my experience. This was the first time I ever plastered or made a mold or done anything like this. There were a lot of people at the beach, which is not a surprise since it was 80 degrees on a Saturday. When I got there, I set up my station near the waves, next to an organization that had an event going on. This organization, called Life Rolls On, had a big turnout, with at least 50 people showing up. Seeing this, I should have moved so I could have more space, but laziness overcame me and I decided to stay put.

20160828_210644[1]Me and my friend began to dig holes to put our hands in. We had to do this
several times because the molds we created at the beginning kept on breaking and collapsing. After several tries, we were finally satisfied with the mold and began mixing the plaster. Once the plaster was created, we poured it in and waited for it to dry (we made three molds in total). During the drying process, we saw that the waves were inching up closer and closer to our molds, so we got a little worried. Finally a big wave hit and our plaster got soaked with seawater. Two of our molds were completely soaked. We didn’t touch the mold and we just prayed that the plaster was hard enough to not break the molding. This happened one or two more times. Also, because there were so many people around (due to the tents), the same two molds were stepped on by people who were taking group photos and bystanders. 20160828_210713[1]

When we took out the mold, we saw it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was. I didn’t realize how fragile the plaster was until I took it out of the sand. As I dug, chunks of my plastered
finger were coming off. In one mold, I am missing three fingers. But, our third mold stayed intact with all five.
All in all, I think it was a good experience. It shows us that although we are doing work, we’re still having fun. I would integrate this into a part of my life when I wanna have a break from life and create/do something fun and interesting. I learned a new, different, creative way to make gifts that show people that I put a lot of thought and energy in it. It was great, and I would definitely take the time to do it again!


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