Wk. 2 Classmate Conversation: Laura Lockett

This week, I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Laura Locket, a second year like me, who is going into social work. She had on a cute summer dress and a bright bubbly personality to match it with. She wasn’t afraid to be open and speak her mind. I also adored her hair. I love how different it was and how full and thick it looked even when it was in braids. She explained to me that she needed to get hair redone. Her hair artist, who lives in Georgia, travels across the U.S. to do hair and now Laura is waiting for her to come back to California. In class, we just talked about our majors and our back-up plans. We were both in very competitive majors, hers being social work, mine being nursing so we just casually joked abIMG_1709out the “what ifs”. She also told me about her plans after class, which was going to a baseball game with her boyfriend. I was excited for her, because I have never been to a professional baseball game myself.

We then moved on to the discussion. We agreed that art was something that had no limits and that anything and everything could be considered art. Because of the famous cliche saying “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”, what one considers trash can have immense value for a different person. An example of that would be the washing machine barrel mentioned in Week 1 Discussion video. It was a beat up barrel with bullet holes in it, but the artist saw value in it and gave it a place in his gallery. Art can be anything as long as someone sees the beauty and value in it.


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