Wk. 2: Landscape with a Corpse

This was a very weird experience for me; I never thought I would be planning my own death. I had many questions about this project: How should my face look? Where should my scene be? How should I position my body? What props do I need? What should the camera angle be? What am I going to die from?

I first started to think about my lifestyle and personality. I decided to do mine with a little bit of self-deprecating humor. I looked at my flaws, and I asked “What do I do right now that can kill me?” My first idea was food. Although it was an exaggeration, I believed that food was going to be the death of me because I would eat so much to the point where I feel like I am going to get a heart attack. Another idea that crossed my mind was taking the portrait in a car, because I feel like I am a very reckless driver.

But the idea I settled on was the photos you see below. I just thought about how bad of a cook I am that if I tried, I would surely kill myself. So, in the photo, I die from trying to make food for myself. I used props, such as the pan and the spatula. When I first started taking pictures, I found it really hard to play dead. My body looked awkward and I had half a smile on my face. To correct this, I had my photographer point out what I needed to change before he snapped the shot.

Although I found it a little unusual, I really enjoy this project. It forced me to think about things I usually don’t ever think of. Every time I went somewhere, I would always wonder to myself if this would make a good setting for my photo shoot. It gave me reason to brainstorm and think creatively about things other than the usual biology or political science (the other classes I am taking).


FullSizeRender (1)


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