Wk. 3 – Classmate Conversation – Hannah Adams

This week I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Hannah during our tour of the galleries. Her major is currently biology. When I asked her about her future plans and future career paths, she told me, with enthusiasm, that her goal was to become a high school teacher. As I got to know her more, I realized that we had many things in common. For example, we both watched the TV show, Supernatural. When she isn’t doing homework, Hannah likes to spend her time reading science fiction novels written by her favorite author, John Crichton. She even pulled out her book that she readily had available in her bag to show me how to spell his name.

Hannah has had some prior art experience in high school. She told me how she was exposed to a variety of mediums to portray her art, such as painting and photography. This differed from my experience since I focused more on digital art. Although there was no question of the  week, we managed to come up with our own. We discussed whether or not art was an important aspect of academics. She agreed with me, saying that art was important because it keeps a person unique. Art keeps the brain from becoming monotone and helps creativity grow. Without creativity, there would be no innovations, no technological advances, no inspiration.

All in all, Hannah was an incredible person to talk to, so check out her website here! https://hannahadamsart.wordpress.com/





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