Wk. 3- Artist Conversation- SOA Art Maker Society

Exhibition Information:

Artist: SOA Maker Society
Exhibtion: Interactive Gallery
Media: Mixed Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

There were two girls sitting at the booth when I first walked in: Ellen Phan and Ellis Giba, both board members of the SOA Makers Society Club here at CSULB. Because Ellen Phan was busy helping out another student, I decided to interview Ellis Giba. Giba is currently an undergraduate student within the School of Art Studio Arts Program. She likes studio art because it allows her to work with a variety of mediums. She’s not sure what she wants to specify in yet, but she is leaning towards animation. When I asked her about her career goals and her plan in 5 years, she just simply states that she wants to be a wholesome, humble individual. Although she plans on having a career, Giba says her career comes second, and if anything, her career will help her achieve her goal of being the person she wishes to become.

Formal Analysis

All the galleries were unique in their own simple way. One gallery would use music to enhance the viewer’s art experience; Another gallery would use a projector to give the artwork more dimension. This gallery differed from the rest of them because it was created to be an interactive gallery. Each wall had a different setting where the audience could come in and put their own creative spin to the already existing artwork. On one wall would be origami instructions; another wall would have beautiful chalk artwork drawn on black cardboard paper. Right in the middle of the floor, there is an interactive block art piece, where it was encouraged for you to build whatever you wanted using these blocks.

Content Analysis:

The purpose of this gallery was to show the audience that you don’t have to be an “artist” to be an artist. It also allows us to see that art doesn’t have to be boring. In traditional galleries, the viewers are expected to walk around and just view the art. This gallery, however, wanted to break that stereotype and show us that we can have fun with the art itself. The artists behind this gallery was very determined in getting people to view art in a different way; that it doesn’t have to be looked down upon or be viewed as something that is unobtainable because one “might not be good at drawing”. Here, it shows that anyone can be an artist, whether you’re folding origami, doodling with chalk, or building blocks. Also, another very important goal of this gallery was to get the audience out of their normal routine and use their creative mind to create something.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Although I enjoyed all the other galleries, this gallery really resonated with me because I liked the message the artist was trying to point out. As colleges get more competitive, many students in high school are forgetting about art and only focusing on math or science. Many young people do not understand the importance of art and usually overlook it to take more STEM classes. However, I believe we only progress when there is art. Because art stimulates creativity, we would need it to improve as a society. Without art, our world would be monotonous and grey, with people thinking the same way. However, a creative mind can step out of the mundane routine and see a different path; a path that can lead our society to a better place.





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