Wk. 4- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This art experience of the week was very relaxing. Sitting down, just relaxing, letting the pencil do the work; takes less energy than going to the beach and making plasters! (although that was fun). Although it was recommended that we do this in a small, quiet, dark room, I decided to do this in front of an empty shop. Although it took us awhile to get relaxed, we succeeded by closing our eyes followed with deep breaths. In the first few minutes, the pencil did not move at all; we had too much pressure on the pencil. We forced ourselves to get less tense. I stretched out my shoulders and began to slouch. I honestly got a little sleepy. After that, the pencil began to move to the rhythm of our breathes and it created the first layer made of pencil. After seeing what we created, we decided to do a second layer with red. Our finished product was a bunch of curves and sharp edges; basically random turns. Overall, I enjoyed stopping for a moment to just relax. It’s so interesting to see how the effects of relaxation being turned into a piece of art!



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