Week 6-Art Experience-Flip Book

I have made a flip book before in third grade for art class. I made a fish swimming from one side to the other. Although it seemed simple, I remember I had trouble putting the fish in the same spot and having it look exactly the same while still making it move ever so slightly. I had that same problem doing the flipbook this week. For this flipbook, I decided to pay an homage to my third-grader self and do a spin off of the fish swimming. Going from a small, measly guppy (that was my pet fish at that time) and upgrading to a big, beautiful, plump goldfish, I decided to make mine follow a worm and then eat it.

My initial idea was to do those cool moving stick figures that you see moving on the desktop. Once I started, however, I realized the truth. I did not have the artistic capabilities to start something so detailed and complicated. Just focusing on each limb was a challenge enough, so I decided to change my ideas.

The part that was especially hard was getting the mouth open ever so slightly with each index card. You would have to change it enough so that there is a change, but not so much that it goes from a straw hole to a crater in 3 pages.

Overall, I was very proud of myself, just like I was in the third grade. 20161002_231252



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