Week 8-Classmate Conversation-Jasmine Figueroa

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine Figueroa. Jasmine is a second year, like me, and is planning to major in psychology. She commutes to CSULB from Compton, which she says is only about 15 minutes away by freeway.

A piece of art that she would like to share with everyone is making bouquets of flowers. I thought this was very creative because people would usually think about traditional mediums, such as painting/drawing and ceramics. She says that she has lots of flowers at home. In her spare time, Jasmine and her mom would make bouquets out of different flowers. She would like to share this because it’s easy and its something everyone can do. After hearing that, I asked her what her favorite flower was and she said it was a Jasmine flower! What a coincidence.

The next topic we discussed was whether or not we would be supportive if our child decided to pursue an art career. Jasmine admitted that although she would hope to be supportive, she would still worry about how here child would end up in the future. This was understandable, and quite frankly, I agreed with her as well.

After our discussions, we then opened up our phone to look at the home pages of our phone. I had a samsung, she had an iphone. Our homepages were basically the pre-downloaded apps that came when we purchased the phone. One notable similarity was that we both had two unread messages! Overall, I really enjoyed meeting her and hope to get to know her more.



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