Week 8-Art Experiences-Sketching at CSULB Japanese Garden

Honestly, this is one of my favorite art experience so far. It seems so simple, to just draw. However, now that we are told not to worry about the outcome and just focus on drawing, the pressure was off. I didn’t reach for the eraser at all and I just drew. This encouraged me and even made me want to draw. Although many did not come out realistic, I’m not ashamed of it. For example, my contour hand does not look like a hand at all. I’m not embarrassed, and can simply just say its abstract.

Overall, this really pushed me to not be afraid and to just draw. I never thought I could draw, even if it is something simple. In the future, I’ll be doodling away without a care because I have nothing to be embarrassed of. It’s art either way!20161016_20193320161016_20192020161016_201916


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