Week 10- Art Experiences: Fiber Art Social Network

Hello, I would first like to start off with the fact that I dropped my phone and it broke :c I’m sorry, but I will not be able to add a picture of the fiber social network in class.

To me, the term social network is used to describe the people involved in your life. Even though I haven’t experienced it personally, I know many people that met online and became good friends without ever really meeting face to face. These online people, although they are not there physically, can help if one ever has a problem or is a someone you can just vent to. Therefore, to me, can be someone you know either online or in real life.

Dunbar’s number does make sense to me and I really believe in this. To have a relationship with someone, I feel like you need to give time to that person (that person does the same to you) and you need to somehow grow with the person. You need to gain something from that person. However, if you have 5,000 friends, you are not putting effort or time into each relationship because that’s just too much. You simply cannot maintain that many relationships.

For the people that do have 5,000 friends on social media platforms, I feel like some aren’t even really friends, but people they know and they just happen to add each other. For some, they d0n’t really care about who they are friends with because all they really care about is the numbers. Even though they might not even talk to them at all, they’re still friends with them just to increase their number of friends.

For me, when I was looking over my personal social network, I saw that I don’t really have that many friends. The real friends, I consider to have about 20. However, the ones that I consider friends are the ones that I have been friends with for 3 + years and I know that they have my back when I need it the most.

On facebook, I have around 300 friends. Of course, I’m not friends with all of them; they were just classmates of mine. I would say that my ties with them are very weak because the minute we left highschool, we never talked again. Although we don’t talk, I still benefit because sometimes someone would post something about a sale or an event that would interest me. In my diagram, the red line represents the people that are my ride or die. The purple line are people that are close to me but not as close as the people in the red. 2016-10-30





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