Week 11-Classmate Conversation-Amanda Martinez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Martinez, a fifth year undergraduate student here at CSULB. She is majoring in environmental science and minoring in biology. Amanda is from Glendale,  CA, but as of right now, she is residing in an apartment with friends in Long Beach.

The topic given today was concerning Demi Lovato and fan art. This particular artist drew Demi Lovato as a mermaid, but with bigger breasts than she has in real life. Demi fired back criticizing this unrealistic version of herself. While discussing this, Amanda said she understood how Demi felt and knew where she was coming from. That being said, Amanda thought Demi could have been more chill about it, saying that the reaction was a little dramatic and unnecessary. To simply state it, Demi could have handled it differently. By criticizing, it makes it seem as if that is all Demi cared about in the picture. She is not acknowledging the art behind it, or the fact that her fans created it and used her as an inspiration.

All in all, I enjoyed meeting and talking to Amanda and I hope her the best in her future endeavors!



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