Week 12-Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: Bio
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

The artist of this wonderful exhibit is Sage Garver from Hermosa, CA. She is currently pursuing her BFA in sculpturing here at CSULB. It’s interesting to hear how much she has grown, considering the fact that she got into sculpturing by accident. In her previous years, she needed an art class to fulfill a requirement, so she decided to take sculpturing. She ended up loving it and decided to change her major from illustration to sculpturing. She preferred sculpturing over illustration because she feels more connected with her art. Although illustration allows her to work with her hands, Garver enjoys being tactile with her art and being able to feel her art with her hands.

Formal Analysis:

Garver’s exhibit caught my eye because of the interesting white protruding patterns coming from the wall. These patterns had a weird forms. Some were perfect and spherical, others were elongated and unsymmetrical. Although they all embodied a different shape, the shapes were similar in color. The shapes as well as the walls were all white. In the middle of the ceiling hung a bejeweled sphere that had gold chains coming from its top. It was very eye-catching because it was the only piece in her exhibit that had any color.

Content Analysis:

After talking to Garver, I soon began to understand her piece in depth. This exhibit was meant to be an autobiography on her body. She wanted to showcase how the cells in the body work together. With that, she explains how the body does so much to keep us alive, but at the same time, our bodies can also malfunction. While I was talking to her, I began to question her about her inspiration. Why did she choose to create an exhibit based on biology and her body? It turns out that she was hospitalized very recently. It was nothing new and she even admits that as a child, she was hospitalized very frequently. Its interesting to see where her mindset was. The shapes on the walls were meant to represent everything inside the body, whereas the sculptures hanging from the ceiling were meant to represent the objects outside the body, such as piercings.

Experience/My Synthesis:

It was very interesting to talk to Garver about her life. I was very interested to see where her inspiration was coming from since I thought that biology was a rather strange thing to make an exhibit out of. Since I knew she had a backstory, I pushed questions upon her that I felt like made her feel uncomfortable. I feel this way because she didn’t admit that she was hospitalized until I kept asking her more and more questions. Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit and hope the best for Garver in the future!


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