Week 13-Classmate Conversation-Monica Lock

Monica Lock is 3rd year here at CSULB and is planning on majoring in business. She is born and raised here in Long Beach and went to Poly High. At first, she wanted to leave Long Beach and go to college in a different environment, but soon realized that the smartest thing for her was to go to CSULB. Monica has two sisters and one brother. Her oldest sister graduated from UC Davis and is now living in San Diego. I asked her how she liked it and she said that if San Diego was cheaper to live in, she would live there rather than here in long beach. Her favorite color is purple and has always been for her entire life. Her favorite food is Italian because it fills her up. One thing that I find amazing is that after eating it to the point where she can’t eat it anymore, Monica is still able to eat pasta for the entire week. Monica doesn’t really watch tv or netflix. Instead she enjoys to spend her time outside and be one with nature. An activity she really enjoys is hiking. When I asked her about her hiking adventures, she listed a whole bunch of places she has hiked, included hiking to the hollywood sign and hermit falls. I have also hiked to hermit falls, so I asked her if she jumped off the cliff into the water. She admittedly and declined, stating that it was too high for comfort. Monica also likes to spend her money on brand name clothes, such as Converse and Nike.

Finally, we got to the Question of the Week. Monica said that she would choose the red pill because she has a curious nature and would want to see what happens. She says that she is always down to learn new things no matter how scary it might be. For me, I chose red but also hesitated because I was a little scared of what might happen. I found it scary when Neo woke up attached with tubes. However, I would also want an adventure. img_47101


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