Week 14-Art Experiences-Instagram Activiy

This activity pushed me out of my comfort zone because although I do have an Instagram account, I don’t really post pictures because I don’t feel the need to. After looking at the collage with the #art110f16, I see that a lot of people use Instagram as a way to document events in their life. In the past, we had written diaries. Now, we tell our stories through pictures, which make it much more meaningful and much more memorable. Looking through the collage, I saw a side to everyone that I never really saw before. People who looked calm and shy in class had a goofy side. A lot of the pictures were very aesthetically pleasing. Although I haven’t talked to a few people in this class, I actually feel more connected because I get an insight into their daily lives. It sounds kind of weird because I feel like I’m stalking them, but that’s what it is. I just feel like I know them more now because of their Instagram posts. screenshot_2016-12-04-23-16-051


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