Week 15-Extra Credit-Feedback

This class, all in all, was very fun. I honestly thought all the activities were great. They weren’t all focused on one type of art. It brought in a little bit of everything. From technology, to drawing, to even plaster casting, every week brought new experiences. Me, having no art background found each of them actually very fun.

I honestly like the hybrid format because the due dates are all the same time. So, if someone forgets, they are held accountable for it. For the weekly blog updates, although I do not look at them personally, I feel like it would help others that are more lost in this class and needs a little guidance. Using wordpress has really opened me up to trying new things. After your class, I’m really considering opening my website on wordpress just to document my life. Fro the Art discussions, online is great. Maybe sometimes have an in-class discussion? I think that will boost some confidence and help people talk to each other. Something like a fishbowl discussion to discuss a video that you posted for homework.

I would recommend incorporating more classmate projects/games during class to encourage interaction. I know we have ID cards, but many people don’t really take them seriously. I had one guy even tell me to just give him my number and he’ll text me stuff about him so we didn’t have to actually do the conversations in person. Classmate conversation is supposed to encourage talking between people and it has! However, some ice breaker games at the beginning of class or every two weeks would be fun. There is plenty of time because many people leave in like the first 20 minutes of class anyways.

Overall, I really enjoyed your class. It was so fun and I met friends that I would have never met because I’m always surrounded by the same people from my major. Thank you for being my professor! You are awesome.


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