Week 14-Classmate Conversation-Damonte Ford

This week I got to meet Damonte Ford, a second year here at CSULB. He is currently majoring in film production. In the future, Damonte hopes to become a sound engineer and work on big productions, such as video games, movies, TV commercials, and more. In the midst of school, Damonte makes time for his job. In his free time, Damonte likes to play sports, make music, and sleep. When he’s not doing all that, Damonte likes to join his rap group on the weekends to freestyle. In addition to all this, Damonte also likes to travel to new, different, exciting places and also watch TV.

In class, we discussed about how the school system would change for students in 2036. The first thing that came up in both of our minds were that it was going to be way harder to get into. Another factor that we both came up with was that because more people want to go to school to acheive higher education, universities would increase tuition.

Overall, having conversation with Damonte was really chill and fun. He seemed like a cool, easy going guy and I hope him the best in his future endeavors!



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