Week 15-Extra Credit-Feedback

This class, all in all, was very fun. I honestly thought all the activities were great. They weren’t all focused on one type of art. It brought in a little bit of everything. From technology, to drawing, to even plaster casting, every week brought new experiences. Me, having no art background found each of them actually very fun.

I honestly like the hybrid format because the due dates are all the same time. So, if someone forgets, they are held accountable for it. For the weekly blog updates, although I do not look at them personally, I feel like it would help others that are more lost in this class and needs a little guidance. Using wordpress has really opened me up to trying new things. After your class, I’m really considering opening my website on wordpress just to document my life. Fro the Art discussions, online is great. Maybe sometimes have an in-class discussion? I think that will boost some confidence and help people talk to each other. Something like a fishbowl discussion to discuss a video that you posted for homework.

I would recommend incorporating more classmate projects/games during class to encourage interaction. I know we have ID cards, but many people don’t really take them seriously. I had one guy even tell me to just give him my number and he’ll text me stuff about him so we didn’t have to actually do the conversations in person. Classmate conversation is supposed to encourage talking between people and it has! However, some ice breaker games at the beginning of class or every two weeks would be fun. There is plenty of time because many people leave in like the first 20 minutes of class anyways.

Overall, I really enjoyed your class. It was so fun and I met friends that I would have never met because I’m always surrounded by the same people from my major. Thank you for being my professor! You are awesome.


Week 15-Artist Conversation-Amy Duran

Artist: Amy Duran
Exhibition: Love Houses
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery
Website: NA
Instagram: @polkadot.pony

About the Artist:

This week, for artist conversation, it was a very different from the other times because the artists were selling the art. We got to saw a vast array of ceramic cups, mugs, plates, ornaments, etc., all made by artists here at CSULB! I talked to an artist named Amy Duran, one of the artists for the display. She is currently a senior in the Ceramics BFA program. She is almost done with school, with only one more semester to go. At this moment, Amy isn’t planning to go to grad school. She works as a cake decorator, which helps her with her sculpting techniques. She has always been interesting in sculpting/art things. In her free time, she likes to decorate cakes paint, and work on stop motion puppets. Her favorite movies are fantasy-based, like Harry Potter.

Formal Analysis:

It was very eye-opening to see how much time they put into each ceramic. When talking to Amy, she said that one piece would take 6 hours for her to do. One work of hers that really caught my eye was a ceramic piece telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I was so intrigued, mostly at the trees. It’s amazing how she made the trees out of ceramic and with her own hands. Her other work included using liquid clay to paint on frosting or using a piping bag to design her ceramic vases.

Content Analysis:

As I talked more to Amy, she told me about how she like to use fairy tales to retell a story using her own perspective. For the Little Red Riding Hood piece, she used the same characters, but instead, she spun the story so that the piece showed that the wolf was in love with the Little red riding hood, but couldn’t be with her because the hunter thought he was bad. I thought that was an interesting thing to do. The name for her exhibition, Lovehouses, directly comes from her and her partner’s name. Her partner, last name Luis Casa, made up the second part of name, since casa means house. Love derived from Amy’s name, which in french, translates to love.

Experience/My Synthesis:

It was such a great experience to walk through a gallery like this. These artists have so much creativity and skill for producing these kinds of artwork. Although the majority seemed to be vases, cups and plates, I could see each artist having their own signature mark on each one. With Amy, it was her flowers, On others, it was the color pattern or the simplicity. Before talking to Amy, I thought to myself that these were a little pricey. But after hearing how much hard work they put in to these, I could see why. All in all, it was fun and I hope the best to Amy and her art career.

Week 14-Art Experiences-Instagram Activiy

This activity pushed me out of my comfort zone because although I do have an Instagram account, I don’t really post pictures because I don’t feel the need to. After looking at the collage with the #art110f16, I see that a lot of people use Instagram as a way to document events in their life. In the past, we had written diaries. Now, we tell our stories through pictures, which make it much more meaningful and much more memorable. Looking through the collage, I saw a side to everyone that I never really saw before. People who looked calm and shy in class had a goofy side. A lot of the pictures were very aesthetically pleasing. Although I haven’t talked to a few people in this class, I actually feel more connected because I get an insight into their daily lives. It sounds kind of weird because I feel like I’m stalking them, but that’s what it is. I just feel like I know them more now because of their Instagram posts. screenshot_2016-12-04-23-16-051

Week 14-Classmate Conversation-Damonte Ford

This week I got to meet Damonte Ford, a second year here at CSULB. He is currently majoring in film production. In the future, Damonte hopes to become a sound engineer and work on big productions, such as video games, movies, TV commercials, and more. In the midst of school, Damonte makes time for his job. In his free time, Damonte likes to play sports, make music, and sleep. When he’s not doing all that, Damonte likes to join his rap group on the weekends to freestyle. In addition to all this, Damonte also likes to travel to new, different, exciting places and also watch TV.

In class, we discussed about how the school system would change for students in 2036. The first thing that came up in both of our minds were that it was going to be way harder to get into. Another factor that we both came up with was that because more people want to go to school to acheive higher education, universities would increase tuition.

Overall, having conversation with Damonte was really chill and fun. He seemed like a cool, easy going guy and I hope him the best in his future endeavors!


Week 13-Classmate Conversation-Monica Lock

Monica Lock is 3rd year here at CSULB and is planning on majoring in business. She is born and raised here in Long Beach and went to Poly High. At first, she wanted to leave Long Beach and go to college in a different environment, but soon realized that the smartest thing for her was to go to CSULB. Monica has two sisters and one brother. Her oldest sister graduated from UC Davis and is now living in San Diego. I asked her how she liked it and she said that if San Diego was cheaper to live in, she would live there rather than here in long beach. Her favorite color is purple and has always been for her entire life. Her favorite food is Italian because it fills her up. One thing that I find amazing is that after eating it to the point where she can’t eat it anymore, Monica is still able to eat pasta for the entire week. Monica doesn’t really watch tv or netflix. Instead she enjoys to spend her time outside and be one with nature. An activity she really enjoys is hiking. When I asked her about her hiking adventures, she listed a whole bunch of places she has hiked, included hiking to the hollywood sign and hermit falls. I have also hiked to hermit falls, so I asked her if she jumped off the cliff into the water. She admittedly and declined, stating that it was too high for comfort. Monica also likes to spend her money on brand name clothes, such as Converse and Nike.

Finally, we got to the Question of the Week. Monica said that she would choose the red pill because she has a curious nature and would want to see what happens. She says that she is always down to learn new things no matter how scary it might be. For me, I chose red but also hesitated because I was a little scared of what might happen. I found it scary when Neo woke up attached with tubes. However, I would also want an adventure. img_47101

Week 12-Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: Bio
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

The artist of this wonderful exhibit is Sage Garver from Hermosa, CA. She is currently pursuing her BFA in sculpturing here at CSULB. It’s interesting to hear how much she has grown, considering the fact that she got into sculpturing by accident. In her previous years, she needed an art class to fulfill a requirement, so she decided to take sculpturing. She ended up loving it and decided to change her major from illustration to sculpturing. She preferred sculpturing over illustration because she feels more connected with her art. Although illustration allows her to work with her hands, Garver enjoys being tactile with her art and being able to feel her art with her hands.

Formal Analysis:

Garver’s exhibit caught my eye because of the interesting white protruding patterns coming from the wall. These patterns had a weird forms. Some were perfect and spherical, others were elongated and unsymmetrical. Although they all embodied a different shape, the shapes were similar in color. The shapes as well as the walls were all white. In the middle of the ceiling hung a bejeweled sphere that had gold chains coming from its top. It was very eye-catching because it was the only piece in her exhibit that had any color.

Content Analysis:

After talking to Garver, I soon began to understand her piece in depth. This exhibit was meant to be an autobiography on her body. She wanted to showcase how the cells in the body work together. With that, she explains how the body does so much to keep us alive, but at the same time, our bodies can also malfunction. While I was talking to her, I began to question her about her inspiration. Why did she choose to create an exhibit based on biology and her body? It turns out that she was hospitalized very recently. It was nothing new and she even admits that as a child, she was hospitalized very frequently. Its interesting to see where her mindset was. The shapes on the walls were meant to represent everything inside the body, whereas the sculptures hanging from the ceiling were meant to represent the objects outside the body, such as piercings.

Experience/My Synthesis:

It was very interesting to talk to Garver about her life. I was very interested to see where her inspiration was coming from since I thought that biology was a rather strange thing to make an exhibit out of. Since I knew she had a backstory, I pushed questions upon her that I felt like made her feel uncomfortable. I feel this way because she didn’t admit that she was hospitalized until I kept asking her more and more questions. Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit and hope the best for Garver in the future!

Week 11-Artist Conversation-Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Caryn Aasness
Media: Textile
Gallery: CSULB SOA, Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @levelyellowproblemchild
Website: N/A

About the Artist:

Caryn Aasness is currently an undergraduate senior obtaining her BFA in fibers. She was a quirky, bubbly blonde who was truly passionate about her work (you could tell by just talking to her). She was always interested in touching things and working with her hands and that was the reason why she fell in love with working on textiles. From then on, she knew she wanted to be in the fiber program. Working with textiles also allowed her to communicate in a different way. Instead of just saying it, which she sometimes has a hard time doing, she is able to weave it into her art like a hidden message. Once she graduates from CSULB, she is planning to take some time off of school and dive into the real world to gain some experience.

Formal Analysis:

When I first walked in, I thought what Caryn assumed everyone thought: “oh, these are just blankets hung on the wall”. I saw one textile in the back that stood out from the rest. This one was bigger and had huge words written on it, unlike the others. Then, turning, my attention to the rest of the textiles, I saw a paper next to each one, with some sort of coding for a message. Each textile had it’s own little message that everyone had to decipher.

Content Analysis:

After deciphering her codes, I was able to see the message she wanted to convey to her audience. These messages were cheesy, motivational quotes such as “Speak Up”. Caryn has admitted that these quotes were cheesy, but she wanted quotes that everyone could understand and feel for. Usually, textiles are overlooked because they are “cute” but if you don’t really take the time to appreciate them and notice the subtle messages, then you are missing out on important things.

Synthesis/My Experience

Talking with Caryn really opened my eyes. I learned to not overlook anything because they might carry meaning behind them. After being taught how to decode the messages on the textiles by Caryn, I enjoyed walking around and decoding all the messages myself. Textiles have a lot more meaning behind them than I had anticipated. I’m amazed by her work and how she incorporates her messages in them in a way many people don’t realize.

Week 11-Classmate Conversation-Amanda Martinez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Martinez, a fifth year undergraduate student here at CSULB. She is majoring in environmental science and minoring in biology. Amanda is from Glendale,  CA, but as of right now, she is residing in an apartment with friends in Long Beach.

The topic given today was concerning Demi Lovato and fan art. This particular artist drew Demi Lovato as a mermaid, but with bigger breasts than she has in real life. Demi fired back criticizing this unrealistic version of herself. While discussing this, Amanda said she understood how Demi felt and knew where she was coming from. That being said, Amanda thought Demi could have been more chill about it, saying that the reaction was a little dramatic and unnecessary. To simply state it, Demi could have handled it differently. By criticizing, it makes it seem as if that is all Demi cared about in the picture. She is not acknowledging the art behind it, or the fact that her fans created it and used her as an inspiration.

All in all, I enjoyed meeting and talking to Amanda and I hope her the best in her future endeavors!


Week 10-Artist Conversation-

Hello, I would like to start off by saying that I broke my phone :c I do not have any of the pictures I took. The information I have is from memory.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition: The Untold Story of the Romanian Blouse
Media: Cloth
Gallery: CSULB School of Art Gallery, Gatov East
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

The artist is currently getting her MA here at CSULB in art history. It was interesting to see a change because usually we expect the artist to be a studio art major or a photography major. When she told me she majored in art history, I was a little surprised. The inspiration of her gallery was her childhood; she grew up in Romania and moved to the U.S. later in life. She had fond memories of living with her grandmother in the country side wearing the traditional Romanian clothes that she had display in her gallery today.

Formal Analysis:

From afar, without even walking in yet, the clothes caught my eyes. I was drawn to them because I wanted to see what the artist was trying to achieve by putting up clothes. There was a cohesive bohemian look to the clothes. Each blouse was a white-yellowish color with different thread pattern and thread color. The clothing option ranged from blouses, the majority, to skirts, to jackets. On each piece of clothing, there would be small imperfections purposefully put there. For example, a blouse would be symmetrical besides this one location, which would have either different pattern or added symbols. Through her gallery and her explanation, I was able to learn more about the Romanian culture.

Content Analysis

Unbeknownst to me, each thread work had different meanings. For example, some patterns represented rain, others represented air. Each color had it’s own meaning as well. It was interesting because through the combination of thread color and pattern, historians are able to pinpoint the village of where the blouse came from and even what social class they belonged to. The small imperfections found on each piece of clothing was significant to the Romanian culture. They believed that only God can be perfect and create perfect things. Therefore, when creating their clothing, they didn’t want it to be “perfect” because they didn’t want to challenge God.

Synthesis/My Experiences:

Honestly, this was one of the more interesting exhibits. Just from hearing her and her husband talk, I was amazed from their passion. I learned so much about their culture just by talking to them. When I first walked in, I thought these were present day clothing because a lot of designers create the “bohemian” look that derives from Romanian clothing. Although the Romanian fashion dates back to almost 1930’s, it is still very present in today’s society. Even the Valentino collection in 2015 featured a jacket that was very oddly similar to a Romanian politician back in the day.

Week 10- Art Experiences: Fiber Art Social Network

Hello, I would first like to start off with the fact that I dropped my phone and it broke :c I’m sorry, but I will not be able to add a picture of the fiber social network in class.

To me, the term social network is used to describe the people involved in your life. Even though I haven’t experienced it personally, I know many people that met online and became good friends without ever really meeting face to face. These online people, although they are not there physically, can help if one ever has a problem or is a someone you can just vent to. Therefore, to me, can be someone you know either online or in real life.

Dunbar’s number does make sense to me and I really believe in this. To have a relationship with someone, I feel like you need to give time to that person (that person does the same to you) and you need to somehow grow with the person. You need to gain something from that person. However, if you have 5,000 friends, you are not putting effort or time into each relationship because that’s just too much. You simply cannot maintain that many relationships.

For the people that do have 5,000 friends on social media platforms, I feel like some aren’t even really friends, but people they know and they just happen to add each other. For some, they d0n’t really care about who they are friends with because all they really care about is the numbers. Even though they might not even talk to them at all, they’re still friends with them just to increase their number of friends.

For me, when I was looking over my personal social network, I saw that I don’t really have that many friends. The real friends, I consider to have about 20. However, the ones that I consider friends are the ones that I have been friends with for 3 + years and I know that they have my back when I need it the most.

On facebook, I have around 300 friends. Of course, I’m not friends with all of them; they were just classmates of mine. I would say that my ties with them are very weak because the minute we left highschool, we never talked again. Although we don’t talk, I still benefit because sometimes someone would post something about a sale or an event that would interest me. In my diagram, the red line represents the people that are my ride or die. The purple line are people that are close to me but not as close as the people in the red. 2016-10-30




Week 9: Artist Conversation: Dalia Banuelos, Daniel Bonilla

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Dalia Banuelos, Daniel Bonilla
Exhibition: Infraction
Media: Photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: dbvphotography.com
Instagram: @dbvqp @deliaeffect

About the Artist:

This exhibit was worked on by Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla, both senior undergraduates as studio art majors here at CSULB. Because Dalia went away to take care of some business, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Bonilla. He begins by telling me that this exhibit was inspired from their failures. Dalia was rejected from the BFA photography program twice. Instead of giving up on her dreams, she made an art gallery proving to everyone that she’s a great artist and she doesn’t really care what all the professors thought of her art in the past. Daniel told me how he was drawn to photography ever since he took a class in high school. His dreams in the future is to become a successful, working artist.

Formal Analysis:

When you first walk in, your eyes are drawn to the string part of the exhibition. It is presented in the back of the gallery and is simply made up of strings criss-crossing each other, connecting photographs. In the midst of the strings were two human-like dummies, positioned in a depressing way. One was lying down facing the wall, the other was sitting with his face in his lap. On the walls of the gallery, as we move towards the door, held photographs that looked like the psychological ink blots. In the corner, there is a trashcan holding lots of developed photographs.

Content Analysis:

This exhibition was their way of saying “eff you” to the rejection letter and to all the professors that didn’t like her previous works. In the gallery, the strings were actually only one string. This was to show how fragile the entire gallery was because if you cut any piece of the string, the whole gallery falls apart. The strings also allowed for a different way of hanging photographs. These photographs are interesting because all the pictures that were hung were the ones that professors did not like at all. The room was dark because they wanted to control the amount of light that was present so that it would create a “memorial” type of feel.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

This was a very powerful message because in this part of our lives, we are gonna meet so much failure. Instead of giving up, she decided to make something out of her failures. Dalia got rejected twice from the program, but that didn’t stop her from creating art. She still has the courage to continue on. Walking through the exhibit, I could feel her pain. All these photos, I felt like were great. I couldn’t really understand why she didn’t get into the program. Her gallery just inspired me to not give up and if something is your passion, you’ll do anything you can to achieve it.

Week 8-Art Experiences-Sketching at CSULB Japanese Garden

Honestly, this is one of my favorite art experience so far. It seems so simple, to just draw. However, now that we are told not to worry about the outcome and just focus on drawing, the pressure was off. I didn’t reach for the eraser at all and I just drew. This encouraged me and even made me want to draw. Although many did not come out realistic, I’m not ashamed of it. For example, my contour hand does not look like a hand at all. I’m not embarrassed, and can simply just say its abstract.

Overall, this really pushed me to not be afraid and to just draw. I never thought I could draw, even if it is something simple. In the future, I’ll be doodling away without a care because I have nothing to be embarrassed of. It’s art either way!20161016_20193320161016_20192020161016_201916